Amarok spot light wiring


Most DIYers wanting to wire up spot lights will use the wiring kits supplied with there spotlights. This will work fine, although experience tells me that the switches and relays that come in these kits are less than reliable, also the looms are designed to fit any car so you will often end up with excess wire that has to be tied up in a messy bunch. I preffer to make a custom loom from high quality parts that fits perfectly into the car its made for. This guide is for how to make a custom loom, but will also be of use if you want to use a pre made loom as it shows how to tap onto the high beam wire.


The Amarok is one of the easiest cars to wire spot lights into, any DIYer who can read a wiring diagram shouldn't have a problem following this guide. I'll leave how to mount your spotlights up to you and just cover the wiring side of things.

I'm not sure about other states but here in Victoria, you will need an on/off switch for your spot lights, a tell tail light to show when the're on and they should only be able to come on if you have your cars high beams on.


The system in the diagram below does all of that.


There are 3 main components that you will need to mount, the switch, relay and spot lights. you will also have to tap (or splice) onto the high beam positive wire. It is white with a black trace and is easily visable on the back of the LH head lamp.

Once you have found the wire you will need to splice a second wire onto it, this can be done with solder, a Scotch Lock or with a crimp. I prefer crimp as Scotch Locks are un reliable and solder can be messy and damages the wire.


First remove a few inchs of the black tape so you can get at the wire, srip some of the insulation off and crimp a second wire on (see below) tape up the join and then re tape the loom.

The tool you see in the photos is called a "fusible link crimper" and is made by a company called Bellanco.