Amarok "load space light" fix



The problem


The load space light in the Amarok is designed to operate only when the ignition switch is in the off position, this is to prevent it being left on while driving at night and bothering whoever is behind you. It will also not operate if the cars battery voltage drops below 12v, this is to prevent a flat battery if it's left on too long. The result of these two features is a light that never works when you need it.


The solution


The "only on with ignition off" feature can be disabled to allow the light to operate while the car is running. When the car is running the alternator ensures the battery voltage is well above 12v, so the light can be operated continuously.


Here's how


The controller for the light is built into the lamp itself, if you remove the ignition wire it will not know the key is on.

To do this remove the load space light by pushing the lamp across to the left, it will take a bit of force.

Unplug the multi pin connector on the back of the lamp by squeezing the locking tabs in, and pulling the connector out.

The wire you want (the ignition wire) is black with a blue trace. It can easily be cut, but experience tells me that less damage is best, and with a little extra effort it can be "backed out" and therefore reinstalled later if needs be.

To back it out, lift up the flap at the back of the connector by prying up the four locking tabs.

Then press two pins in from the front of the connector one above the ignition wire terminal, and one bellow it. With the pins in pull back on the wire to remove it. Be patient with step, I have 10 year's experience as an Automotive Electrician and I sometimes find this tricky.

Once the wire is out, heat shrink or tape it up then fold it back and tape it to the loom. Make sure the ignition is off for this step and tape it up well, if this terminal touches the body of the car a fuse will blow.

Next plug the lamp back in and refit it. When refitting look from under the lamp and make sure the grey tabs on the lamp line up with the grooves in the car body.

All done, your load space light can now be on with the car running.